Where Can I Rent An Office in Dubai 2022?

Every business/company needs to rent an office to thrive in the ever-growing financial world. Because an office isn’t just about space, it represents your brand image and leaves a credible, lasting impression on your clients. And that is exactly why businesses take great care of where to locate their office space in today’s world. 

Besides, when it comes to a flexible coworking space, UAE (Dubai) needs no explanation. It is a jackpot to attract potential clients as a business hub for all international firms/businesses/companies. Therefore, renting office space in Dubai is highly beneficial, especially if you want to grow your business. 

In this article, we’ll reflect upon where you can find an office for rent in Dubai. We’ll also learn about the benefits of finding coworking/serviced offices in Dubai’s free zone areas. 

Where To Rent An Office In Dubai?

Now that you know how renting coworking/shared/serviced offices in Dubai is beneficial for businesses/startups let’s move further. The following are some of the best rental office spaces in Dubai. You can rest assured all the areas are highly popular and are located in the mids of breath-taking surroundings. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

  1. Al Barsha

There’s a reason Al Barsha acquires the top place for offices for rent in Dubai. Also known as Barsha, it is a crucial residential district and a famous commercial and residential hub in Dubai. It also houses many hotels, villas, shops, restaurants, and buildings for coworking/services offices in Dubai. Plus, Barsha is a safe place for startups and freelancers and connects with various prime locations in Dubai. Luxurious lifestyle amenities are also offered here, so you can always enjoy and focus on your work!

  1. Downtown Dubai 

It wouldn’t be wrong to call Downtown Dubai an iconic city. With its captivating traditional and modern infrastructures, it indeed is one of the most breathtaking locations for renting offices in Dubai. Not only for visitors, but it’s a must-to-rent place for businesses and companies as well. The best thing about Downtown Dubai is that it is both an urban and rural space. Meaning, those looking for a furnished office for rent in Dubai with a peaceful atmosphere would find Downtown Dubai extremely calming!

  1. Dubai Media City 

Dubai Media City is another ideal location for finding serviced offices for rent in Dubai. A hub to various tech and media companies, it is excellent for companies/freelancers looking for a sophisticated suburban lifestyle. What else? It’s an ever-growing commercial zone for businesses and a prominent name in the economic world. You are welcome to rent offices, residential flats, and hotels with convenient public transport and cafes nearby. 

Also, an office for rent in Media City will be safe from paying taxes since it is a free-zone area. Another thing that makes this place famous is Aurora Tower – a great place to rent luxurious, comfortable, spacious offices. 

  1. Al Quoz

When looking for offices for rent in Dubai, there cannot be a better place than Al Qouz. Why? Located in western Dubai, the area is split into two sections: commercial and residential spaces. This means businesses and firms can work in a highly productive environment away from a residential lifestyle. Also, from shops to warehouses and factories, you can easily find your desired serviced offices for rent in Dubai. 

  1. Bur Dubai

Like the peculiar name, Bur Dubai is well-renowned for its rich trading history. It is the same thing that makes it just perfect for finding an office for rent in Dubai. You can find both commercial and residential properties here. Transportation is made simpler by taxis, metros, and RTA buses, which is an influential factor for businesses and enterprises. You’ll find a bank on practically every other street corner – something that makes Bur Dubai an exciting area to rent offices. 

What Are Free Trade Zones In Dubai? 

Free zone areas are Dubai’s golden locations for international companies and firms. The rules and regulations regarding taxation are different in these areas, and you can enjoy the following perks there:

  • International firms/companies can own full ownership of their businesses.
  • Capital and revenues are fully repatriated. Import and export taxes are entirely excluded. 
  • Income and corporation taxes are fully excluded.
  • Foreign companies do not have to give VAT taxes. 

There are more than 30 free-trade zone areas in Dubai, and the most popular of them are:

  • Dubai Media City (the house of Aurora Tower)
  • Dubai Silicon Oasis
  • Jebel Ali Free Zone
  • Dubai CommerCity
  • Dubai Internet City
  • Dubai Airport Free Zone
  • Dubai Gold and Diamond Park
  • Dubai World Central (Dubai South)
  • Dubai International Financial Centre
  • Dubai World Trade Centre Free Zone
  • Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC)
  • Dubai International Free Zone Authority (IFZA)

Why Should You Rent An Office In Dubai’s Free Zone Areas? 

The office spaces for rent in Dubai’s free zone areas feature many benefits. First, you can do a lot well regarding finance in a Free Zone area since taxes are an exemption. Also, all the names mentioned above are luxurious, fancy locations. Meaning, your office will have a better reputation, attract potential clients, and leave a good impression. 

Another benefit is the flexibility and convenience as the luxury locations have lots of cafes, bars, and effective transport systems. Lastly, office spaces in Dubai’s free zone areas are well-structured, fully established, and equipped with necessities.  

Why Aurora Tower Is The Ideal Place For Renting Offices In Dubai? 

First, Aurora Tower is located in Dubai Media City, a free zone area. Then comes the infrastructure, which is strong, aesthetic, and well-built. You can also view their entire 8th floor dedicated to rental spaces in a virtual 3D representation here

Besides, for a coworking space, UAE’s Aurora Tower features a spacious and well-protected parking space. The entire building has refurbished offices, LED lighting, security personnel, elevators, generous lobby areas, and more! Want to know more about Aurora Tower? They also offer customized real-estate office spaces, and you can visit their floor plans here. Else, Visit auroradxb.com to explore their services!

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