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Aurora Tower, Al Falak St – Al Sufouh Dubai Media City – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

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Aurora Tower - Your Ultimate Pick For Opening An Office In Dubai

It is safe to say that Dubai holds the greatest significance as a business hub when it comes to all the 7 emirates of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Investors across the globe want to open businesses in Dubai for various reasons. The first factor that often attracts business people to set up an office in the city is the exemption from all kinds of tax, including corporate and income tax. Plus, there is not much excessive paperwork required to open a Loft offices in Dubai Media City, making it a fairly good pick for business people.

Dubai Media City Offices offers companies a technologically advanced environment to operate without facing many challenges. It has an amazing geographical location, the best infrastructure, a notably diverse workforce, and stunning office buildings. Aurora Tower happens to be one of Dubai's most prominent landmark locations for opening an office. You get to hit two birds with one stone by getting to reap the benefits of locating in Dubai, the best business center in Dubai, and Aurora Tower, the most popular landmark building full of modernized offices and a lot of valuable facilities. Isn't that something to look forward to as a business person wanting to expand into the international markets or run a multi-national venture?

It is time to unveil all that Aurora Tower has to offer businesses coming in the city, wanting to open an office.

Ideal LocationAurora Tower

What makes Aurora Tower's location so ideal? This is pretty much the first question that must have popped into your mind. For starters, it is near the Palm Jumeirah which you can also see from the panoramic windows of the tower. Secondly, the great Emirates Golf Club is located close to the building.

Aurora Tower is surrounded by landmarks of Dubai, such as Dubai Marina, Dubai International Marine Club, and more. Upon looking at the map, you may notice all the exotic resorts and other key facilities are in close vicinity of the tower which makes it the Best Business center in Dubai. The Media City tram station is also near the building, making it fairly easy for you and your employees to commute to and from work.


Most importantly, Aurora Tower is in Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone, adding to its location's superiority. In case you are not aware, these are special economic zones meant for foreigners to invest and own while receiving favorable tax concessions. Here, the investors are also entitled to custom duty benefits, which allows them to operate their businesses effectively and efficiently. All of this makes Aurora Tower an ideal location to open your new company office in Dubai.

More About Aurora Tower

Aurora Tower is a 27 Storey building full of incredibly designed offices. The building is indeed a masterpiece that promotes sustainable use of energy and water. It was constructed while keeping in mind the dire need to reduce unnecessary wastage of scarce resources.

LED Lighting

Aurora Tower has modernized LED technology installed throughout the entire place. It consumes less power and illuminates the place thoroughly. Most importantly, the LED system installed in the building is highly durable and efficient. It proves significantly helpful in conserving energy and boosting the sustainability of the building.

Smart Meter Technology

This is definitely something for you to look forward to while opening your new company office in Aurora Tower. The smart meter technology, embedded within the building's infrastructure, accurately monitors and measures the energy and water usage. It also helps in managing the use of all the resources in a highly efficient manner.

The prompt and effective measuring and managing of the energy within the building also prove valuable in cutting down utility and maintenance costs to a great extent. It helps save energy and water up to 30 percent. As mentioned earlier, the entire place is designed in a way to reap the full benefits of today's modernized and technologically advanced era.

Parking Facilities

Here's another factor that stands out in Aurora Tower. The building has a total number of 610 parking spaces. These extend throughout the 8 Storeys meant for parking, out of which 3 are basement floors while the rest are podium ones. Of course, there is reserved parking for the tenants and separate spaces for the visitors.

Rest assured that Aurora Tower has a very spacious parking structure. It is completely safe and secure so there is nothing to worry about as you go on about your day in the office. Furthermore, each parking floor has barriers on both entry and exit points. These barriers have anti-pass back technology, which adds to the security of your vehicles. It greatly helps in preventing unauthorized people to enter the reserved parking space.

Any Best Business center in Dubai must have a separate parking floor and with Aurora Tower, Visitors can also avail the parking facilities by paying AED-10 per hour. This is done to facilitate visitors in parking their prized vehicles safely without feeling any sort of stress regarding their security. There's a parking machine installed on P2 for visitors' assistance.

Everything You Need To Know About The Offices In Aurora Tower

Moving onto one of the most important parts of the building, Aurora tower has amazing office spaces for you to rent to start operating your company from a landmark location in Dubai. The building is full of affordable and fully-furnished offices. Some characteristics to note here are as follows;

  • The rent is inclusive of the internet as well as all the utilities required to run the place without facing any difficulty.
  • Each office space has spacious rooms and cabins, along with conference rooms for official meetings and gatherings.
  • The spaces come with TECOM licensing, making it relatively easy for entrepreneurs to set up their company offices within Aurora Tower.
  • The furnished offices and meetings rooms come in a variety of sizes. These vary from 100 to 200 sq meters. These are spacious enough to house your entire workforce in a single place.
  • The entire office building has a wireless internet connection to add to the feasibility of the tenants. The internet here runs fast without any unwanted interruptions.
  • All the office spaces within Aurora Tower are newly carpeted and furnished. Did you know that the building has a long-term cleaning contract with a firm named 'CLEANCO'' It is one of Dubai's leading cleaning service providers.
  • There's a state-of-the-art firefighting system installed for everyone's safety. NAFFCO is the company hired to source the system after construction.
  • The building also has a backup generator to power offices installed and maintained by Caterpillar, also known as CAT. It simply allows you to remain operational without worrying about any power outages.
  • Each office space has abundant natural lighting, coupled with horizontal and vertical connectivity between floors.
  • Office spaces within Aurora Tower has some of the most amazing panoramic views to Dubai's popular landmarks.

The world just went through a pandemic, which made it challenging for businesses to remain operational for multiple reasons. However, Aurora Tower offers you the versatility needed to operate in post-pandemic conditions while scaling by adhering to your business's requirements.

Additional Features To Note About Aurora Tower

It would be right to say that Aurora Tower is one of Dubai's most famous, environmentally friendly, affordable, and attractive places for companies worldwide. Did you know that the likes of Spotify, BIC, and PhRMA are among the tenants in this building, All of these are pretty big names within their respective industries, and they all prefer to run their operations from inside Aurora Tower's "Best Business Center in Dubai".

Some interesting key takeaways from the tower's location are as follows;

  • The Mina Seyahi Beach and the Monorail station are only 750 meters away from the building, making it a 9-minute walk.
  • Similarly, the Media City is a 10-minute walk from the tower, making it a total distance of 850 meters.
  • It takes 5 minutes to walk to the Royal Mirage Hotel bus stop.
  • The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi, an exquisite five-star luxury resort is also close by.
  • What's even more impressive is that the famous Royal Mirage is only a 20-minute walk from Aurora Tower. Any foreigner visiting your office should have no trouble finding suitable accommodation that fulfills their needs and wants.

The more you discover about Aurora Tower, the better it seems as an option to pick for opening up an office. It has the perfect location, most incredible office spaces, and valuable facilitations. Furthermore, the affordability factor is also quite attractive. You are not going to find a better deal than this while looking for offices in Dubai. The building managers also introduce new plans to make improvements each year.

All the information required to inspire your decision to rent an office in Dubai is available online, including the floor plan, leasing options, etc. It is time for you to step into the world of technologically advanced offices designed with state-of-the-art facilities and make your hard-earned investments worthwhile in the short and long run.

Don't search for "office spaces near me" because Aurora Tower Dubai Media City business offices are the Best Business center in Dubai and most reasonable choice for you and your business as it offers growth and sustainability. You can also find us on: LinkedInTwitterInstagramFacebookTrip AdvisorBehance BloglovinDisqusLast.fmRedditTedThevergeTripotoTripline VimeoMindsQuoraGood Reads8tracksSound CloudYoutubeScoop itdiigoTrustpilotAbout me.