Affordable furnished offices and meeting rooms ranging in size from 100 to 200 sq. ft together with a TECOM licence, generous parking and rentals inclusive of internet and utilities. Perfect flexibility for post COVID-19 allowing tenants to scale according to business and Visa requirements.

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8TH Floor Full Details

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Aurora Tower - 8th Floor

Get the benefits of a quiet working space without the burden of upkeep fees. Private office spaces in Dubai that is meticulously maintained regularly, allowing you to concentrate your energies on achieving the highest possible productivity level while at the office. You will have a variety of customisable alternatives as well as modest Office spaces in Dubai to choose from, all designed to keep you comfortably motivated throughout your day. Get in touch with our office space consultants now to learn more.

We have Office space available for rent that has been intelligently designed. Located in the centre of Dubai, these elegant private office buildings are available for rent. Boost your productivity as we take care of your Office spaces in Dubai requirements and watch your efficiency skyrocket. We have a variety of lease terms available for clients that are just beginning out or would wish to make our thriving commercial hub their permanent home.

Finding Office for rent in Dubai may be a challenging task in and of itself, regardless of whether you run a corporation or a startup. There are a significant number of possibilities to investigate, a multitude of factors to think about, and a significant amount of practice in learning from one's mistakes is also involved. Aside from having plenty of spare time, you'll also need specialised abilities like bargaining, organisation, and deal-spotting to make the relocation less hassle.

Co working Office Space

Predictions for the future of Dubai's Shared Office space or Co working Office Space are optimistic, as an increasing number of companies see it as an affordable and convenient alternative to traditional office locations.

There has been a recent uptick in the number of Co working Office Space popping up in various countries and marketplaces throughout the globe. Due to the fact that it has seen such phenomenal expansion in recent years, the office market can no longer simply be categorised as a supplementary subsector.

Shared Office space that may be configured in various ways has rapidly become an essential component of the commercial real estate industry.

The market for shared office spaces in Dubai is anticipated to expand in the coming years. This is due in large part to the fact that an increasing number of companies in the area are looking towards shared offices as a solution that is both easy and uncomplicated.

Therefore we at Aurora Tower offer you everything you need to build up your Private office spaces in Dubai. You can do this by utilising shared office spaces offered by us.

The overwhelming amount of required labour is one of the primary motivations for people's shift to Coworking Office Space. These days, a number of Shared Office spaces and offices for rent for individuals are being made available through coworking office spaces also.

Completely Serviced and Inspected

We at Aurora Tower 8th floor have Office spaces in Dubai available for rent, featuring one of the most desirable and productive workplaces. You should have your rights and access to a secure office area, but rest assured that we will always be available to assist when you most require it.

Rent a Modest Private office Spaces in Dubai

Private office rentals eliminate the need to do many tasks from a single location. This is the most notable advantage offered by Aurora Tower. The primary benefit of Office for rent in Aurora Tower is that it will give you the freedom to perform at your maximum level by providing you with serviced private rooms and office space outfitted with distinctive amenities.

Affordable Office spaces in Dubai

Our cutting-edge workplace provides our clientele with everything they could need in an open floor plan designed to maximise production capacity. This enables our clients to concentrate on their business without worrying about making appointments or finding physical offices, which are becoming increasingly complex.

The 8th floor

The Aurora tower has an 8th floor designated as the business executive. If you want your workplace to enjoy a view of Dubai Media City, you may consider renting one of our spaces on the eighth story. The 8th floor of our tower is the one that receives the most requests due to the breathtaking view it provides over Palm Jumeirah and Emirates Golf Club.

We usually recommend that proprietors of businesses acquire the office on the eighth story so that they may enjoy a breathtaking panorama from their executive offices and boardrooms. This is one reason why we recommend you to rent that floor. A state-of-the-art elevator system and security sensors at the lobby entry are just the beginning of the cutting-edge amenities available on this business level.

In addition, you should be aware that our tower is constructed using glass resistant to sunshine. As a result, if you are concerned that you will have difficulty adjusting to the intense sunlight on the eighth story, you do not need to be. Look at the deals we have available for this unique executive floor, and we are confident that you won't want to pass up the chance to take advantage of them.

Why You Need to Have an Office in Aurora Towers 8th Floor

People often feel their workplace is a second home since they spend most of their waking hours there. This makes sense when one considers how much time is spent there. As a result of this, the Office spaces in Dubai must be attractive locations. It should be outfitted with facilities and conveniences that make it seem undemanding and enjoyable.

Having an office in the Aurora tower gives you a great deal to run your company. It is more about adding some sophistication to your firm and Office spaces in Dubai, but it is unique as it has established specific standards. We don't simply produce any old architectural design when it comes to Shared Office space or Coworking Office Space, but we excel in our field.

When we designed them, we kept our customers' needs and our company's demands in mind. Our 8th floor is heaven for those looking for a Private office spaces in Dubai or just luxury Office spaces in Dubai. Our Office for rent in Dubai is innovative, creative, and economical; they also contribute to your company's reputation. We are confident that locating your company's office on the Aurora tower 8th Floor can only benefit you positively and will assist you in leaving visitors with a positive impression that will last a lifetime.

We think that your Private office spaces in Dubai defines your company and should be built in a manner that might speak well about you and the company you run. Therefore, whether they are modest and loft-style or vast and corporate, all of our offices reflect the values that your company upholds, which are those of long-term sustainability, productivity, and innovation.

Our Location

The Aurora Tower is an elite business tower that can be found in the centre of Dubai Media City. It offers breathtaking views over the Emirates Golf Club and the stunning beachfront of Palm Jumeirah. In addition, there are several stunning venues in close proximity to the tower where you might have a corporate party. One such venue is the One & Only Royal Mirage.

You should also be aware that the well-known Radisson Blu Hotel in Dubai is located within walking distance of the tower. This will allow you to accommodate customers arriving from a variety of regions, as you will be familiar with a site that can provide lodging.

Also, if you sometimes prefer to have client meetings and dine at upscale restaurants, you won't need to seek around the city since the Media One Hotel is situated right next door to our tower. This eliminates the need to search for a suitable location outside our building. Nine restaurants are available to pick from, all of which are open around the clock.

The Aurora tower, taken as a whole, is a fantastic site for any kind of company. It offers a free and open chance for companies to establish themselves in a setting geared toward the expansion of enterprises. Many businesses want to set up shop in Dubai Media City, but only a select handful are successful. Therefore, don't hesitate to get in touch with us here at Aurora tower; you never know, we may be able to accommodate your company!

The Crux of the Discussion

Finding the ideal location to establish your company's office might be challenging. It is pretty challenging to locate everything in one spot since you must keep an eye on many factors, such as locations, facilities, the budget, and how efficiently staff work. At Aurora tower, however, we feel there is nothing even close to being impossible, and we provide you Office spaces in Dubai that meet the requirements of all the companies. Because of this, our office space provides it with all; at Aurora Tower, you'll find enough room, cutting-edge technology, and an unbeatable location, to name just a few of the perks.

If you find it difficult to trust what we say, we invite you to see for yourselves, take a quick tour now, or phone us so we can personally show you around. We are sure that you will track down the office space for your company that you've been seeking.