Where are Most Offices Located In Dubai?

Are you thinking of settling up your business in Dubai? Well, we must say you are in the right direction. Dubai makes an excellent location for business and guarantees growth and prosperity. It is one of the world’s biggest traveling hubs, and millions of people travel to and from Dubai every day, which makes more room for potential clientele. However, there is one slight issue while settling up your business in Dubai, finding the right place to run your business from.

At every location in Dubai, you can find business towers that give you plenty of options to choose from when choosing the office space for your business. While we do believe being a business holder in Dubai is enough, it would be even better if you are running your business from the best business locations in the city. In the business world, the location of a business from which it is operated and executed matters because it defines the demographics of your company. Not only that, but it determines the impact of your business on your audience and tells them how compatible you are to survive in the business world.

With that being said, if you are interested in finding the best location for offices in Dubai, stay with us till the end, and you will find yourself a good deal.

The Top 4 Best Locations for Business in Dubai 

Finding a suitable office location for business in Dubai is a difficult task, but not anymore. Here, we have a list of the top 4 best locations that you might want to take a look at for settling your business in Dubai;

Dubai media city offices
Dubai media city offices
  • Dubai Media City

When it comes to finding the best office space in Dubai, our top choice would be getting a place in Dubai Media City. Whether you are looking for a private office space for rent or shared office space in Dubai, you can find it all in Dubai Media City. The DMC is the hub for hundreds of media businesses and is one of the prime locations for setting up a business. This is the elite business area with Palm Jumeirah right by the corner and Emirates Golf Club attracting thousands of tourists and providing you with many marketing opportunities. 

Dubai Media City offices are convenient, sustainable, and efficient. However, they might be a tad expensive, but for that, we have a simple solution. Find an office in Aurora Tower. Yes, our very own Aurora Tower is located right there in Dubai Media City and offers the best pricing options compared to all other business towers in the territory. Seriously, you can look up business center office rent in Dubai and compare it with ours, and you will know the difference.

  • Business Bay

Business Bay is the area of Dubai that is a complete package. It has all commercial, residential, and business subsidiaries and is the right for business owners who wish to have their workspaces near their residential homes. A good thing about the business bay is that there are a few business towers that offer a few of the best-furnished offices for rent in Dubai. This means you don’t have to do any work at your office. You can simply start the execution of your business the next day after you finalize your deal. 

However, you should know that it is an elite area, just like Manhattan in NYC, so the cost of living and running a business here is pretty high. So, for a startup, we think it might be overbearing. 

 shared office space dubai

  • Bur Dubai 

Being a historic district in the City,  Bur Dubai is one of the most sought-after locations in the city, especially when it comes to renting offices. Whether you want a private office for rent or a furnished office for rent in Dubai, you can find some great monthly rental office packages in Bur Dubai. 

It is a place that represents the ancient culture of the region, and if you talk about food, this is the foodie’s heaven. Because of the amazing and delicious food street in Bur Dubai, you can find thousands of tourists getting their favorite food in the area all the time. So, if your business is food-related, that’s going to be a plus point for you because Bur Dubai is the perfect business location for the food industry. 

furnished office for rent in dubai

  • Dubai Marina 

If you have been doing your research for business in Dubai, you must have come across the Marina Business Center, one of the most popular business towers in Dubai and might be the first result on your search engine when you search for a business center office for rent in Dubai. The Marina Business Center is located right in the middle of the Dubai Marina, thus explaining the name, which is more of a residential area of the city. 

Other than that, there are many hotels nearby which makes it a popular place for tourists to visit. Dubai Marina is a good spot for business as it provides many opportunities to grow. The marina business center is filled with hundreds of large corporate offices, which will give your business social exposure, and good exposure always pays well! 


Wrapping it up, we would like to suggest doing your research correctly and exploring all the angles of business while finding the right spot for your office space in Dubai. Doing business in Dubai does provide opportunities for growth but also comes with its challenge, and thus you need to be at a place where you can find sustainability to help you survive through the highs and lows of the business. And well, Sustainability is what we serve at Aurora Tower

While you can see other options, you must give us a chance to prove to you why Aurora tower is your best choice. From reasonable prices to exquisite locations to limitless amenities, we offer it all. Take a virtual tour now or call us to visit the tower directly, and we are sure you will find that office space you have been looking for! 

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