What is Special About Tower Office Spaces?

When you start searching for a workspace for your business, typically, you get two options. Either get a sovereign office or get yourself a space in a business center. We would suggest the latter as having an office in a business tower comes with many advantages, especially if it is a business center office space in Dubai. A tower office is better because it allows exposure and helps to achieve the social circle your business just needs. It will enable you to build rapport with other businesses running in the tower, and often these businesses help each other in order to target more audiences. For example, if you are a software agency that creates and designs websites, and your neighbor’s office in the tower is a design agency that works with graphics and content, you both may collaborate easily in order to get a client that wants it all. Hence, more profits. 

Not only that but having an office in a business tower is cheaper compared to the sovereign offices. Look up business center office rent in Dubai and compare it with private office space rent, and you will see the difference. Moreover, with towers, you get to avail yourself of advanced amenities that you might have to purchase for your sovereign office, including security sensors, parking spaces, and much more. So, we are strong advocates of tower offices! 

Why Aurora Tower is one of the Best Office Tower In Dubai? 

Speaking of tower offices, if you are looking to find a business center office space in Dubai, you need to check out our very own Aurora Tower. At Aurora tower, we make offices that fit all the requirements of all businesses. We believe in providing opportunities to create experiences. Our motto is to provide office space to businesses that are free from all the troubles and let them focus on growth! 

Here are the following reasons why Aurora Tower is the best office tower in Dubai:

  • Location

The first thing businesses are concerned about while selecting a workspace is the location of the office. And if you are a business in Dubai, you should know that the ideal location to run a business in Dubai is to find a place in Dubai Media City. DMC is the business hub of the city and is home to hundreds of corporate and private offices in Dubai which allows good exposure to growth. 

Moreover, you have the magnificent Palm Jumeirah and exquisite Emirates Golf Club right around the corner, so it is one of the most prominent tourist spots as well, providing an opportunity to enhance your target audience. Right in the middle of Dubai Media City, you will find a spectacular 27-story business glass tower, and that’s the Aurora Tower. 

  • Amenities 

When it comes to being an excellent host to our clients, Aurora Tower is seriously invested. We make sure every business that is operated in our tower must have an amazing experience. No matter if you avail a small/loft office or large corporate office, we treat all with equality. Our basic amenities include 6 floors of parking spaces so that you wouldn’t have to worry about finding a car parking every day, smart meter technology so that you can keep a check on how much energy you are using in terms of water and electricity and also helps you to save up on that. 

Another benefit we provide is that we practice sustainability. We want our clients to be satisfied with their workspaces and also stay with us in the long term. We guarantee a creative working environment with a tad of a sustainable future. 

  • Pricing 

If you are looking for office space in Aurora tower, pricing should be the least of your concerns. We provide two options to each business, rental offices, and leasing offices. If your recent google searches look like, small offices for rent in Dubai, business offices for rent in Dubai, or shared office spaces in Dubai, you have landed on the right page. We have them all, and our rental packages are reasonable. We believe that a business earns with hard work and passion, and it is not vital for it to spend all its profits on paying rent for its working space. 

We offer different packages for different offices based on their sizes. Our smallest office covers an area of 119.22 sq ft and is available at the package of 33,766AED/Year. 

  • Office Spaces 

Aurora tower provides a wide variety of office spaces for each business. We have small/loft offices, business center offices, private/corporate offices, shared offices, fitted offices, etc. While planning this tower, we did not want only to focus on large-scale business, but we made sure we have a space for small startups as well. For us, each business is equal and deserves a chance to be operated from one of the best locations in Dubai. 

Each of our offices is built with a modern design, has security sensors, and provides an ideal structure for a creative workspace. 


Business towers are more efficient, progressive, and effective compared to sovereign offices because they are home to numerous businesses at once. Aurora Tower is a project we view from both a business perspective and an opportunity perspective. We would serve you the same no matter if you are looking for small offices for rent in Dubai or a large corporate office to lease. Our aim is to provide a common workspace for businesses to grow, and that’s what we do. Currently, we are home to approximately 200 businesses from across the world, and we can’t wait to be a part of your business journey as well! Check out our website today to take a virtual tour of our office spaces, or call us today to pay a visit

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