Monthly Office Rentals in Dubai

Dubai is a city of opportunities and expectations. You will have options like nowhere else in the world in this city. After what is one of the most flexible laws for new entrepreneurs, Dubai is attracting many companies worldwide.

As these companies do business here, they also need some office spaces in Dubai for which offices rental options are the most suitable for them as buying is lengthy and off the budget for many companies.

Office space for rent implies that you will be working in a vast business setting. If you rent a conventional office, this would be a different building, floor, or portion of the bottom. 

Your business will be self-sufficient, and you won’t have to share public spaces with other companies. This traditional technique is only suitable for businesses willing to entirely bear the high costs associated with such a rental arrangement. 

Businesses that demand extensive interior customization and a high level of secrecy for their consumers may choose to avoid integration in a shared environment.

Shared office space for rent in Dubai would be an excellent option for all the other businesses. Your workplace is more than just a series of cubicles. 

The office spaces for rent in Dubai that you pick are incredibly significant to your business as an entrepreneur. 

The location and kind of property influence your day-to-day operations and brand image. Ensure you receive the most excellent possible bargain on office space in Dubai. 

If you’re seeking to rent office space in Dubai, make a quick pricing comparison of nearby properties to ensure you’re getting a good deal.

What to Consider Before Renting an Office?

The cost of renting office space in Dubai is essential to consider. If you spend too little, you may wind up with unsatisfactory office spaces for rent in Dubai or find yourself relocating after a few months. 

If you overspend, you may find yourself unable to pay your rent and may be forced to move out to downsize. Know how much you can spend. 

When renting office space in Dubai, inquire about hidden fees such as maintenance and parking to avoid getting surprised by unexpected charges.

Monthly rental Furnished Offices

Furnished offices are a great source of satisfaction for those who want to start their business in Dubai right away. These accommodations take the least amount of time from you and give you the best possible options. You will have all the fixtures related to offices in different settings to choose from.

You can also select the type of designs available to choose from the architecture that will most suit your theme of the business. Furnished offices are good options, but their rentals are slightly on the higher side of the table.

It is slightly expensive furnished offices start from 3800 dirhams and go up to 1500 Aed monthly. Still, if you go yearly with all the deposits in advance, you may get a great deal.

Furnished offices in Dubai help you start your business swiftly as it makes the transition hassle-free.

Office as a Service

A serviced office provides your company with a unique chance. These offices are completely furnished and equipped with ready-to-use equipment and amenities, such as printers and Wi-Fi, to help you get your business up and running quickly and make your job easier. 

Serviced offices are also available in a variety of sizes. Depending on your building’s operator, you might be offered anything from a single serviced office to an entire floor of them. 

Executive offices managed offices, and business centers are all terms for serviced offices. Many other firms are often housed in buildings that feature serviced offices. 

This allows business leaders to cross paths from time to time, bringing up a whole new world of networking opportunities!

Many people mix up serviced offices with coworking spaces. They may resemble one other in specific ways, yet they are two completely separate things. 

Coworking spaces are often less expensive than serviced offices. 

If you’re on a tight budget, it could be best to start with a coworking space before upgrading to a serviced office when you can.

Coworking Spaces

Office rental of coworking spaces is quite affordable and better than renting the whole office. It gives you the full authority to make your flexible rental plans as you can rent these spaces for a year, month or even days depending on your work.

Hourly rents are a little higher than paid per person or chair. Thus, these rents start from 40 Aed hourly and go up as the standard of the office location and fixtures are increased.

All in One Office

Some of the companies are giving all one option to their tenants. Hence, they get all of the facilities included in their monthly rentals, which allows them to sum up their office expenses monthly and not worry about their utilities and other maintenance.

These are pretty popular in Dubai. New startups prefer these as they usually come in their budget and relax the entire month.

Moreover, Rentals usually vary from location to location, starting with just 1000 dirhams per month in different free zones.

Non-Furnished Offices

Non-furnished offices are among the cheapest and best buys as they are the most affordable. In non-furnished offices, you get a more considerable amount of space than furnished offices.

However, the only downside of these offices is that you have to furnish them from zero. But on the other hand, you can decorate just like your company’s theme and colour scheme.


At Aurora tower Dubai, you get the most versatile range of office rentals for every type of business.

Covering every need of new startups and compiling pre-run companies looking to expand, Aurora tower in Media city offers the most comprehensive range of offices available for rentals, lease, daily and hourly basis, whatever suits you the best in any case way.

At Media City Free zone, Aurora tower is the most economical office solution currently available in Dubai. From pre-designed to non-furnished offices, we offer you the best of the best with rentals for the affordability of your business. 

No matter how new you are, we are here to guide you to the best available options, that will lead you to your dream office.

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