Are You Looking to Rent Office Space in Dubai?

Your office is more than just a row of cubicles. As a business owner, the office spaces in Dubai you select are critical to your success. The location and kind of property affect your day-to-day operations and your brand image.

“Location, location, location,” you might have heard as the maxim goes. Can your staff and clients access the rental office spaces in Dubai that you select? Is there a gym close by? What about opening a coffee shop? Are there rental apartments nearby that they can choose for their living?

What to Consider While Looking For an Office?

Price is a crucial factor to consider when looking for a furnished office for rent in Dubai. Spend too little, and you can wind up with office rentals that you don’t like or have to move out after a few months. If you overspend, you may find it difficult to pay your rent and may be forced to relocate to downsize. 

Determine what you can afford. To avoid being stung with expenditures you didn’t expect while renting office spaces in Dubai, inquire about hidden fees such as maintenance and parking.

Third, make sure you obtain the most incredible possible bargain on office space for rent in Dubai.

While searching for an office for rent in Dubai, make a fast pricing comparison of similar properties in the region to guarantee you receive good value for your money.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

When looking for Office space in Dubai for rent, consider size in addition to location and pricing. As a general guideline, you should provide 70 square feet per person. 

However, if you believe your staff requires larger workstations or more storage, increase this amount appropriately. When looking for office spaces for rent in Dubai, you should consider meeting and social/recreation facilities. 

For example, you’ll need a specific room to meet with clients, and your employees will need a place to have lunch!

The layout is also significant when it comes to office spaces for rent in Dubai. For example, if you’re a creative organization, you’ll most likely desire an open environment. If you work for a legal firm, you might prefer a more traditional setup for closed-door meetings and calls.

Furthermore, if you are a startup, you may not know how many staff you will have in six months, much alone five years in the future. Keep this in mind while searching for office space for rent in Dubai.

Inquire whether you should sign a long-term lease or go for a shorter contract period. Most importantly, don’t become stuck into a lease that isn’t compatible with your long-term company goals.

Choose Aurora Tower

Aurora Tower’s representatives work with you throughout your office search, sharing their skills and market knowledge to help you find the ideal office space in Dubai for your company.

Aurora Tower’s located in Media City and provides incredible options for furnished and unfurnished offices for rent in Media City.

You can make an appointment with us right away or just come at a time that is suitable for you. We assure you that you are going to find the best options for offices for rent in Aurora Tower.

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