Dubai Media City initiated Behind the Music to Boost Talent on the Cusp of Stardom

Dubai, UAE, 01 April 2021: Dubai Media City, the area’s biggest business region committed to the media business, has formally sent off another show called Behind the Music to engage and motivate gifted musicians.

Facilitated by Elia Mssawir, Founder of the honor winning UAE-based organization Big Beards Entertainment, the advanced series plunks down with another visitor consistently to dive into their experience of working in the profoundly cutthroat music and media outlet – and how others can decipher the code for progress.

Majed Al Suwaidi, Managing Director of Dubai Media City, Dubai Studio City, and Dubai Production City, said: “With our triplet of media-centered business areas that advance and intensify content creation, we comprehend the key job we can play in enabling neighborhood ability and directing them through the difficult universe of diversion. By sharing the encounters of fruitful individuals from plenty of various ventures, we desire to give a guide to rising performers and musicians peering toward their large break in the glitzily universe of music and diversion. Behind the Music expands on the outcome of DMC Amplify, a live show we sent off last year to grandstand arising ability. What’s more, by making another program that profiles key influential people we desire to increase our endeavors to engage ability and upgrade Dubai’s innovative economy.”

In the primary episode of Behind the Music, Elia facilitated Robert Singerman, Senior Vice President at LyricFind, to investigate how musicians can advance, display, and adapt tunes, and speak expressively with fans.

The Future

Talking on the progressive .MUSIC area expansion, which DotMusic Limited won the freedom to in April 2019, Robert Singerman said: “It’s a method for keeping the pay inside the music local area, prior to disseminating it to the affiliates, permitting performers and music organizations to possess their character. It’s the initial time the music local area, including instrument makers, strict singing gatherings, heroes, marks, distributors, and the fans, share a solitary stage administered by the music local area.”

Pre-enrollments for a .MUSIC area are presently open through the DotMusic Limited site ( He added: “We go through a thorough screening interaction, everything being equal, to guarantee cybersquatting is kept to a base.”

In such a manner, Robert firmly stressed the distinction between the music local area and the music business.

Robert noticed that in many nations, verses are viewed as 50% of the worth of a tune, with the music making up the excess 50%. “The verses are the more mental aide esteem – you recollect the snare, the melody, the importance. At the start of tune composing, everything revolved around the verses – the music was critical to move individuals along, however, the verses were the information and the accounts. Along these lines, essentially, all LyricFind exists for is to enhance that esteem [of lyrics] and make income for musicians and distributors, as well as craftsmen and names.”


Addressing the million-dollar question of how to adapt verses, Robert made sense of: “For arising craftsmen, it’s truly important on the grounds that each and every revenue stream ascends as individuals know the verses to your melody, as well as your index esteem increments. The main thing any craftsman can at any point do is have individuals know the verses to their melody. In this way, there are three methods for adapting verses – through your distributor, advanced wholesaler, distributing overseer, or through LyricFind straightforwardly.”

He added: “Any craftsman, or lyricist, or distributer, ought to have their numbers from these administrations. They ought to know what they make from the administrations on a for every stream normal in their sovereignty bookkeeping.”

Robert closed with a fascinating reality – ‘verses’ is the top web search term.

For the individuals who couldn’t get the live show on the authority YouTube channel of Dubai Media City, you might watch the episode’s recording that has been transferred to the authority Facebook page of Dubai Media City.

Dubai Media City has a long-running history of supporting new and forthcoming craftsmen, artists, and creatives through significant drives, occasions, and contests like Dubai Lynx. Nearby craftsman Rami Afifi was even dispatched to plan the eye-getting road workmanship painting that runs neighboring Al Falak Street. The bright craftsmanship has deified the different assortment of individuals working in the locale’s biggest media local area.

In 2020, Dubai Media City additionally sent off another live show called DMC Amplify to advance neighborhood specialists, share strong stories and connect with the local area. Neighborhood music legend and inhabitant Big Hass, who changed the essence of the locale’s business subsequent to facilitating Saudi Arabia’s most memorable hip-jump public broadcast, meet a renewed individual every month.

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