Best Location for Office in Dubai

From being nothing but sand once, Dubai has transformed into one of the finest, most luxurious cities in the world. And in present times, finding a furnished office for rent in Dubai has become the primary focus of businesses. Because it offers a strong economic system with an ever-developing environment, companies find no obstruction in thriving in UAE. 

A splendid office is indeed everyone’s first choice, but it is not the only thing that matters. You should also consider other necessary factors including the location, office structure, and building surroundings. Apart from that, enough parking space and adequate facilities hold equal significance. And a co-working space featuring all that is just perfect to set up your business in Dubai.

Yet still, the question of where remains unanswered as in a fancy place like Dubai, every location seems perfect. So, let’s dive deep into the topic and explore some of the best locations for offices in Dubai. In the end, we’ll also discuss how Aurora Tower can help you rent your well-furnished Dubai office

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

6 Best Locations for Offices in Dubai 

The following are the top six office-renting areas in Dubai that aspiring businesses and companies would find absolute perfection. All of the locations listed here are well-structured, surrounded by breathtaking views, and feature the highest levels of luxury!

  1. Business Bay

Offering a modern lifestyle for all its tenants, Business Bay is a stylish, first-class area alongside Dubai Water Canal. A great location for businesses to find a shared office space in Dubai, it has a lot to offer. The commercial buildings in this premium neighborhood are renowned for their notable offices, banks, stores, and restaurants. The residential buildings provide renters with the finest amenities and a vibrant lifestyle, and thus, are highly popular. 

  1. Sheikh Zayed Road

The Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai doesn’t hold the title of UAE’s longest road only. It is also extremely popular for its quality serviced offices and shared workspaces. It connects its tenants with Dubai’s other top areas including the Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina. The offices in this area are both aesthetically pleasing and highly efficient working environments for teams and businesses. The metro station is just at 5-minute intervals allowing the employees to work with flexibility. 

  1. Dubai Marina

For a shared office space, Dubai Marina is a wonderful area to consider. The place is famous for its highly-demanded office areas with strong-built infrastructures. Not only that, but you are also welcome to enjoy a beach view. And since the beach is just within a 5-minute walking distance, the place is ideal for businesses. Car lending companies, boat lenders, travel agencies, and other alike businesses prosper in Dubai Marina. 

  1. Dubai Media City 

When it comes to office rental in Dubai, Media City is the finest location business can find. Yet what makes it an exceptional choice is the tax-free lifestyle it offers. 

Being a hub of media organizations, Dubai Media City falls under the free-trade zone areas in UAE. It means focusing on your business without worrying about corporate taxes, VAT taxes, income taxes, or any type of taxation. It is exactly why for renting coworking spaces, UAE’s Dubai Media City is an ideal location for startups and enterprises.  

Furthermore, finding rental offices in Media City is even simpler and easier as it is home to Aurora Tower. It is one of the Dubai Marina’s six top towers and has huge, versatile offices with all the necessary amenities. 

Because of its spacious and secured parking lot, it is common for businesses to experience rapid growth in their potential clients. Also, the offices are well-structured, well-furnished, and surround eye-catching views. All in all, having an office for rent in Media City is the best thing you can do to thrive in your business!

  1. Jumeirah Lakes Towers

The Jumeirah Lakes Towers comprise 80 towers built along the shores of the JLT Embankment and three lakes. It is also another free-zone office famous for shared office spaces in Dubai. Second to Dubai Media City in the finest offices-rental locations in UAE, it is most famous for its business-friendly atmosphere. Two metro stations and other public transportation are other outstanding conveniences here. Offices for Rent in JLT are good for those who are just starting up and are looking for a decent office.

  1. Deira 

Lastly, for co-working spaces, UAE’s Deira is the best place to find reasonable prices. Since it is one of the oldest business locations in Dubai, it features sophistication and elegance. Traditionally favored enterprises will find Deira most advantageous yet the area also runs along with today’s world. Therefore, you can expect both the traditionally-structured and modern-built infrastructure here. 

How Aurora Tower Can Help You?

The list of benefits of renting an office in Dubai goes long. And when looking for ideal shared office space, Dubai’s Aurora Tower should be your first choice. Why? Have a look yourself:

  • A free trade-zone area with tax concessions and various customs duty benefits. 
  • The tower comprises 27 stories with 8 floors specified for parking. 
  • All the offices and meeting rooms are well-furnished and strongly built. 
  • The place encourages natural lighting as much as possible thanks to its ideal design. 
  • Offices in Aurora Tower are elegant and sophisticated, and the building features a complete wireless internet connection. 
  • Enjoy large, flexible floor plates and horizontal and vertical connectivity between floors featuring ample and flexible working space. 

What else? The building is surrounded by panoramic views and offers a premium work environment with increased efficiency. The official website of Aurora Tower also features a full 3D representation of the 8th floor. Such a perk is handy when you want to explore the space beforehand. And with the skillfully captured 3D representation, a virtual visit is just like a physical one here! 

Want to know more about Aurora Tower? Their floor plans offer a great guide for businesses to avail themselves of customized real-estate office spaces. Else, you can also visit to explore more about Aurora Tower!

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